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Linking Our Troops Through Music… Transitional Assistance. Neutral environment music events that benefit our troops. These events include transition challenge panel discussions, one-on-one networking, along with valuable information from Veteran friendly employers, housing support organizations, and financial resource professionals. Stress is one of our major concerns, as it’s the root cause of the primary silent killers afflicting increasing numbers of our Veterans. As strong as they are, veterans are not invulnerable. Oftentimes, returning from deployment can be taxing and stressful to Troops and their families. Many are facing the challenge of transitioning directly from active-duty service to the civilian workplace and may feel a lack of purpose, or struggle with depression. We provide critical information services to Veterans and their families. Let us help.

Low-Income, Disabled

Military Organization Services of Supplemental Aid for Disabled and Low-Income Vets. A for Vets by Vets program! We link Military organizations to our Vets based on their specific needs. You or someone you love might be a disabled or low-income veteran unable to accomplish the day-to-day tasks necessary to sustain quality of life. You may be experiencing poverty, fear of aging, potential homelessness, or may need extra assistance with benefits updates. We've had stellar reviews from elderly Vets, thankful for fellow Vets stepping in and helping with minor home repairs to light yard work. Having someone help put all the pieces together can be the critical support you need.

Veteran Families

Separation Guidance For Veteran Families. Sudden transfer of loved ones, bereavement, or uncertainty of location can cause loneliness and lead to the inability to relax, rest, and in more severe cases, sleep all together. Hearing the voice of someone who cares can offer comfort. Natural pain relief; creative relaxation musical therapy tools for children and parents, including calming aid alternatives for adults can give hope to those facing critical health disorders. Music can draw the attention and the hearts of everyone. Music knows no boundaries. Music can penetrate all pain and anxieties replacing them with a new view of life.

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Happy Holidays Brenai Foundation

Join us for a special Sunday Morning Church Service at The R.O.C.K. Church SUNDAY, November 9th, 9am – Peter Watts, Pastor

Come support the US Military Veterans of our community as we honor them with a pinning ceremony, and a surprise key note speaker retired US Navy Veteran, followed by a meet & greet with light breakfast. Don’t miss it! ‪#‎makeitcount ‪#‎brenaifoundation ‪#‎igototherock ‪#‎usmilitary

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